Thursday, October 30, 2014 Can a single individual tell me: WHY I shall restart with this OpenSolaris [c|t]rap? No, nobody shall "donate" 20 EUR. How would that help me? Unless I can have a normal income, I cannot continue. As I'm repeatedly telling this since 2006, I guess nobody cares about that. At least nobody who could change this dilemma. I never wanted more donations from anyone. Just a fair job offer, or any job offer. That never happened. _Such_ a ""community"" does no longer deserve my time. Especially not the src code. There were a few positive exceptions, with people who donated a bit. But as always: Those who have no money themselves (but a heart) do want to do something good, but don't have anything themselves. And the others (millionaires) *could* easily help, but refuse to donate even 1 EUR. All ok and fine. But my only option to stop them from exploiting me is to discontinue all downloads. As for the RedHat model: If I try to turn it into a business, the german state drowns me in taxes. Here in germany every person even needs to pay 18 EUR per month for Anti-human Anti-Russian pro-war NATO propaganda, no matter if you have a TV or simply a car-Radio, or not. Yes, also a 95 years old, every private and every commercial household/entity (google for GEZ)! Even hospitals, Taxi/cab drivers, prostitutes, and - even graveyards/cementeries and churches. Also the state railway and supermarket chains. On a per building/vehicle basis. All together german NATO TV gets 7 BILLION EUROS per year (I kid you not). I'm still refusing to pay, and if I lose (like millions before me) I need to go into prison because of it. Before that police will forcefully break into my small flat and try to find something which they can confiscate. THIS IS WESTERN DEMOCRACY. BTW: I intentionally have no and don't want any TV since 1998, no radio since 2001. And I will never pay for these LIARS and WAR-MONGERING bastards!!! germany's chief TV propagandist Klaus Kleber for example has a higher income, than the german chancellor Angelika Merkel. To establish a biz in this country is DEADLY. (Beware: All these traitors are USA's puppets acting in violation of any European or german interests ...) Google for NGO's and thinktanks such as CFR or Atlantikbruecke ... Forget all the lies about capitalism: It only works for the top of the pyramid. Ever played "Monopoly"? Argh, back to OpenSolaris: Have a nice time.